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Gode and useful resources for the newcomer to the Society

Society for Creative Anachronism: Here you will find everything from basic How To's and Why for's, membership forms, Society law, resources to vendor lists and much more. Everything you wanted to know about the Society, but were afraid to ask!

Kingdom of Caid: Here be Caid resources, who's who, forms, laws, Caid Armourial, Roll of Arms and many more resources for the subjects of The Kingdom of Caid.

Compendium Caidis: "The site displays knowledge gained from every facet of Caidan and SCA life, and provides a means by which the populace of Caid can share knowledge with others."

"What Makes Normally Sane Adults Love the SCA So Much?": An editorial by Sandra Dodd (SCA Mistress Ælfled of Duckford), former Steward of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

So you want to steward an event - those lights turned out to be a bus

Starkhafn Event Steward's Handbook should be your first download. This gives a good outline of what is expected of an autocrat as well as lists of what to do and when.

Download the Starkhafn Event Bid Form here.

Download the Check Request Form here.

Starkhafn Event Steward's Report Form is the last form to fill out and turn in as your final official act as an Event Steward. This form is currently not available in a fillable format, it is print only.

More Gode and useful resources for the modern medievalist

SCA Kingdom Newsletters: Here you can peruse the news from all the kingdoms of the Known World. [NOTE: Requires an SCA Member Number to register]

Caid Groups' Newsletters: Newsletter from the various groups in the Kingdom of Caid. [NOTE: Requires authentication to register]

SCA Today: is an SCA news site. Read and or contribute news of interest to SCAdians.

Cunnan: "Cunnan is a Wiki collecting information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with a heavy slant towards members of the SCA." [NOTE: Link is currently not working]

Interkingdom Wars

These are the largest (interkingdom) wars that take place in the SCA. Most last a week or more. Participants travel from many different kingdoms to attend.

  • Talon Cresent War (takes place in February, in the Kingdom of Caid)
  • Estrella War (takes place in February, in the Kingdom of Atenveldt)
  • Gulf Wars (takes place in March, in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann)
  • Lilies War (takes place in June, in the Kingdom of Calontir)
  • Pennsic War (takes place in July/August, in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc)
  • Battlemoor (takes place in August/September, in the Kingdom of the Outlands)
  • Great Western War (takes place October, in the Kingdom of Caid)

Known World Symposiums and Academies

These events promote education and research in specific fields. They draw SCA participants from across the known world.

  • Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium
    April 29-May 1, 2016, in the Kingdom of Artemisia (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • SCA 50th Anniversary
    June 17-27, 2016, in the Kingdom of Midrealm (Danville, IN)
  • Known World Tapestry Tour
    Mar-Apr 2016, in the Kingdom of Lochac (New South Wales, Australia & ?, New Zealand)
    Lady Jadwiga Wlodzislawska of the Middle Kingdom has been working on the Known World Tapestry for the past six years, recording the events that have shaped our Known World over five decades. Within the length of the tapestry are recorded the rise and rise of baronies, principalities and Kingdoms; the deaths of Kings; wars, festivals and faires that have brought us together. Lochac will host the 50 panels of the Known World Tapestry at Rowany Festival (March 25-29, 2016), with the Tapestry to then travel to the Crescent Isles Tapestry Show in the Barony of Southron Gaard (April 9-10, 2016).

Past Known World Symposiums and Academies

Listed below are a few previous Known World Symposiums and Academies.

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please contact the .