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Starkhafn Baronial Newsletter

Soon to be linked here, current and back issues of the Baronial newsletter. Currently, back issues of the Baronial newsletter are available in the Files section of the Official Baronial Facebook page with older archives stored here Baronial Yahoo! Group.

For the latest information on events, meetings and other Baronial items of interest, please see the Baronial events page and calendar, the Official Baronial Facebook page, the Un-Official Baronial Facebook page or the Baronial Yahoo! Group.

The monthly deadline for article submission is currently the 25th of each month. Please contact the for more information or to submit an article.

SCA E-Newsletters

The Kingdom of Caid's newsletter, is the "Crown Prints" This page has all the Chronicler (newsletter) article and event submission information, contacts and forms including release forms for photographs, models and creative works.

SCA Kingdom Newsletters Link to the login page to access all Kingdoms in the Knowne World's e-newsletters. The Kingdom of Caid's e-newsletter, the "Crown Printscess" is available through this link.

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please contact the .