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Athanaric and Sigridhr

Lady Sigridhr inn Irkska and I, Sir Athanaric Thorismund sunus, do send greetings upon their Excellencies, Michel Philippe and Elspeth, Baron and Baroness of Starkhafn.

I hope this letter finds you well and please accept it as our letter of intent to become your noble heirs of the great barony of Starkhafn.

At this time both my lady wife and I participate in multiple aspects of play in our great Barony to include fighting, weaving, brewing, wood carving, leather work, archery, youth combat, silk banner painting, as well as service to Crown and Barony.

For Talon Crescent I Lady Sigridhr carved the mold used in the casting of site tokens as well as assisted with the casting of the 500 tokens. I volunteered over 50 hours during this same war. This is just a sample of our recent service to the Barony.

Over the course of my SCA career I have held multiple offices and served several years as both a member of the guard and as captain of the guard. Lady Sigridhr has been both a member of the guard and a lady-in-waiting.

Moreso, I have been an active participant in the Barony since I started playing at age 16. I have seen the good and the bad of several different Baronial reigns and would work hard to incorporate the strength and splendor I have witnessed and leave the bad in the mists of time. I have a very strong grasp of the traditions that make this the great barony that it is and it would be my intent to leverage my experience as a Knight of the society and a child of Starkhafn to lead this Barony in continued greatness and splendor on all fields of play.

Lady Sigridhr has been a member of Starkhafn since 2001 and has enjoyed being part of the struggles and joy of its growth since moving here from the Barony of the Angels. It has been her pleasure to raise our 3 children as active participants of the SCA, and all the fun and learning it has to offer.

It would be our intent to push every aspect of SCA play in the Barony with regular art classes and competitions to go along with our amazing growth in Heavy, Rapier, Archery, and thrown weapons.

Aside from our collective experience within the SCA we also bring to the table of wealth of personal experience as well to include staying calm and professional through times of great strain and stress. There will always be those that are unhappy as it is impossible to please all people at all times however with calm level headed thought and deliberation, without strife or anger, all problems and conflicts can and will be resolved in a polite and professional manner. These are skill gained through the challenges of professional life as well as raising three children.

In service to the Dream,

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please contact the .